Workplace Culture

We will help you build a positive work culture, improve employee engagement and drive meaningful change within your organization. We do this through organizational surveys that analysis the employee experience through 30 years of corporate and organizational research. With the data and findings from the survey, we will work with your leadership team to focus on what works and improve on what doesn’t to get your organization and it’s culture to where you want it to be – a great place to work.

Leadership and Professional Development

At Great Cities, we know it takes a great team to move your organization forward.As a John Maxwell Team member, we offer workshops, seminars, keynote speaking and coaching to develop the leaders in your organization.

Are your organization’s people growing with your firm? Are you recruiting and training from within so you can have succession plans in place? Through implementation of servant leadership principles, mastermind facilitation and strength finder exercises, we can help your organization’s people grow into the leaders you need for success.

Government Relations

We help our clients successfully navigate the government and regulatory landscape through our networks and relationships with elected officials, administrators, businesses, and community leaders. If you are thinking of expanding or relocating and need help navigating the local and state authorities, Great Cities is your firm.

Community Relations

At Great Cities, we know what makes communities tick and what businesses and governments need to do to effectively move the needle. We help our clients position their business or organization in the best light, by finding out what messages resonate with which parts of the community and then developing a plan to execute our client’s goals. We can work with you on developing community surveys, focus groups, listening sessions and workshops.

Political Campaigns

What sets Great Cities apart from many political firms?  One of our partners is a former elected official, and one of only six strong Mayors in the state of Florida.  This insight provides us with a unique perspective and benefits our political clients. We know what it takes to get elected – beyond the palm card, Facebook ads, and direct mail. What it takes from a candidate’s perspective. Each campaign is unique, and we provide individualized assistance to each of our clients.

Issues Management

Defining the issue first, educating the public, mobilizing support, quick response. If you need help managing an issue Great Cities is the firm for you. We have extensive experience working with local government, media, civic groups, non-profit and the general public.

Some of the issues we have been involved in include:

  • Water and Resources Management
  • Infrastructure
  • Development and Zoning
  • Place Making
  • Transit and Mobility
  • Arts and Culture
  • Environment and Resiliency
  • Technology